WHO We Are

AMS1ONE Solutions, an independent consulting firm that specialises in the scalability, architecture, and engineering of analytic data solutions. AMS1ONE helps enterprises to optimise the use of raw data, and equips companies with the right tools to efficiently capture and analyse data in order to make informed and accurate decisions. The company’s key areas of expertise include Microsoft Business Intelligence (MSBI) solutions, analytic databases, data warehouses, Power BI, Tableau, computer applications and other data management technologies.

What is special about us

We are passionate about Health care and work with NHS trust to make improvements in Data usage and validation. We pride ourselves in being Hospitality focused and as a result, assist hotels in West Africa and Europe to gain insight into their data.

What We Do

The company offers the following services to its clients

  • Define and advise on data management strategy, architecture of database, implementation as well as enforcement of data governance within the enterprise
  • Create and train organisations to use Power BI as a reporting solution
  • Provide maintenance service on an on-going basis for the solutions that have been provided
  • Select and advise on which technologies and platforms offer the best solutions to the client’s problems and help implementing these platforms in the organisation including teaching key staff members how to use the technology or platform
  • Design, conduct and evaluate client’s benchmarks and proofs-of-concept for their current systems and provide expert assistance with the design and implementation of their solutions